Top 10 US Deaf Bloggers
Exploring Deaf Culture: Meet the Influential Voices Selection by SLAIT School.
Dive into the world of Deaf blogging. Discover influential voices shaping Deaf culture, accessibility advocacy, personal stories, and more. From insightful narratives to passionate activism, this curated list showcases individuals who inspire, educate, and empower through their online presence.

Explore their unique perspectives, gain fresh insights into Deaf experiences, and find new sources of knowledge and inspiration.
Shaylee Mansfield
Is an American deaf actress and former YouTuber. She first gained recognition by making videos in which she told Christmas stories in American Sign Language.
Rikki Poynter
Deaf YouTuber and blogger who focuses on issues related to Deaf culture, accessibility, and awareness
Rachel Kolb
Deaf writer and blogger who has written extensively about her experiences as a Deaf person and her journey through education and advocacy
Live Signing
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Live Signing
Lindsey Dryden
Filmmaker and writer who explores themes of identity, disability, and Deaf culture in her work and blog
Jessica Flores
Vlogger and blogger who shares her experiences as a Deaf Latina and advocates for accessibility and inclusion
The Deafinitely Wanderlust
This blog is run by a Deaf couple, Joel and Christine Barish, who document their travels and adventures around the world while raising awareness about Deaf travel and accessibility
Deafinitely Girly
The blog written by a Deaf woman who shares her thoughts, experiences, and insights on various topics, including Deaf culture, relationships, and daily life
Deafinitely Dope
The blog and social media presence by Matt Maxey, who is a Deaf hip-hop enthusiast. He shares his experiences and passion for music, signing, and Deaf culture.
Sarah Tubert
Is a Deaf photographer and blogger who explores the intersection of Deaf culture, art, and identity in her work.
Hearing Like Me
While not exclusively a Deaf blog, Hearing Like Me includes contributions from Deaf writers and focuses on various aspects of the Deaf and hard-of-hearing experience, including technology, education, and personal stories.